alicia & filipe

schedule of events

welcome drinks

friday, 06.28.24

clássico beach club ipanema
av. vieira souto
between posto 10 and 11
ipanema, rio de janeiro, brazil
five - eight pm in the afternoon
join us beachside for light bites and drinks to say hello before the big day
resort attire

the wedding

saturday, 06.29.24

mansão alvite
rua dr. júlio otoni, 444
santa teresa, rio de janeiro, brazil
three-thirty pm in the afternoon
cocktail attire

transportation to and from the venue will be provided
shuttle vans will leave the fairmont at av. atlântica, 4240 in copacabana at 3:00 pm and will make several return trips later in the evening from 8:30 pm until 12:30 am

flamengo soccer match

sunday, 06.30.24

six-thirty pm
maracanã soccer stadium

for those guests who have let us know they are interested, we have emailed the next steps as of 6/22 to secure your spots.



for our friends and family traveling from the united states and canada, a visa is NOT needed for brazil as the requirement has been deferred to april 10, 2025.


galeão international airport

GIG also known as rio de janeiro/galeão international airport, is about 45 minutes - 1 hour via uber to leblon, ipanema, or copacabana. it offers a selection of domestic and international flights.

santos dumont airport

SDU is about a 30 minute uber ride to leblon, ipanema, and copacabana. this airport only serves domestic flights in brazil, with hourly connections to and from são paulo guarulhos international airport GRU. if you have some extra time to spare for some shopping or a quick bite to eat, the airport is connected to the bossa nova mall.

if traveling from the USA we recommend checking different combinations of flights. you can look for direct flights rio de janeiro/galeão international airport. or you may also check for direct flights to são paulo guarulhos international airport GRU and separately book one of the hourly shuttle flights that run between GRU to SDU via airlines like latam, azul, or gol.

getting around rio


uber is super prevalent in rio and offers a cheap, safe and convenient way to get around the city. it’s also the easiest way to get to and from the airport. when selecting your uber, we recommend choosing the “uber comfort” or “uber black” options.


taxis are common in rio, just be aware they usually only take cash and the drivers rarely speak english. overall, we recommend using uber.

good to know

a few helpful tips
for traveling to brazil.


we recommend checking the cdc website for the most up-to-date vaccine and health information or reaching out to your doctor if you have any questions. if extending your trip and traveling outside of brazil, double-check guidance for other countries you may be visiting. for example, colombia, requires a yellow fever vaccination for visitors arriving from brazil.


rio is a beautiful and vibrant, city that is largely safe. just like any major city, here are some best practices to follow:

- stick to visiting rio's south zone (zona sul), which is made up of the safe and popular beachfront neighborhoods like ipanema, leblon, and copacabana

- avoid visiting the favelas, even on a guided tour

- use common sense to avoid attracting unwanted attention

- don’t take valuable jewelry, watches, or cameras when walking around in the street. leave them at home or in the hotel safe.

- don’t carry large amounts of cash. if you have to use an atm, look for one inside a bank or at the airport.

- be discreet when using your phone in public, keep it in your pocket or purse as much as possible.

electrical voltage

brazil operates on a 127/220v supply voltage and 60hz. for brazil there are two associated plug types, types c and n. plug type c is the plug which has two round pins (we typically use type c and it's the same as used in europe). plug type n is the plug which has two round pins and a grounding pin. unless you have a steamer, hair dryer, straightener, or curling iron that is dual-voltage, note that these may not work in brazil.


brazil’s currency is called the real (singular) or reais (plural) and is abbreviated as BRL or R$. the ratio of us dollars to brazilian reais is roughly 1:5.

credit cards

credit cards are widely accepted in rio, especially in tourist areas, hotels, and restaurants. mastercard and visa are more prominent than american express. we also recommend having a small amount of cash on you as a backup or if you want to take a cab or buy something from a street vendor.


atms (caixa eletrônicos) are widely available in rio. if you plan to use an atm, be sure to tell your bank about your travel plans beforehand and ask them about any fees or restrictions. when using an atm in rio, it is recommended to use one inside of an airport, bank, or shopping mall.

currency exchange

there are many currency exchange offices in rio, casa de câmbios, they are safe places to exchange money, often offering similar rates to atms.


tipping is not expected in brazil outside of restaurants. restaurants will usually add a 10% service charge to the bill. although tipping is not common, we encourage tipping a small amount (or rounding up) for good service. the exchange rate is currently very favorable for us visitors and a small tip can go a long way.

cell service

it’s handy to have cell service while in rio, especially because calling an uber is one of the easiest ways to get around. here are a few ways to get brazilian cell service on your phone...

international data plan

the simplest way to get cell service is by calling your phone provider and adding an international data plan for the days you will be traveling. for example, verizon wireless and at&t charge about $10/day for this service, while international data is usually included in your plan if you have t-mobile.

buy a sim card or esim

one option is to buy a sim card to use while you’re in brazil. the big 3 cell service providers in brazil are tim, claro, and vivo. it used to be easier for tourists to buy prepaid sim cards in brazil, but it's become harder in recent years as some stores insist on having local identification. we recommend skipping this option and instead...

if your phone supports it, we recommend looking into getting an esim. these are virtual sim cards that you can purchase through an app on your phone before you travel.

we haven’t used esims ourselves, but airalo is a popular option that offers data-only service in brazil and maintains a list of phones that support esim. you can’t make traditional phone calls or send sms texts using your us phone number on an esim, but you can use your web browser like safari or apps like imessage (send sms from iphone to iphone), facetime or whatsapp to communicate.

this video will walk you through how airalo works:

install whatsapp

whatsapp is a popular messaging app in brazil that can be used with your data plan or on wifi. it’s super common to communicate with restaurants, tour guides and other businesses in brazil on whatsapp. the app allows users to send text messages, make voice and video calls, and send photos and videos. it’s also an easy way for us to communicate while you’re in brazil.

where to stay

we recommend staying in the neighborhoods of
leblon and ipanema for the best rio experience as
they are the closest to local shops and restaurants.
copacabana is a bit more touristy but will have the
most hotel options.


avenida atlântica, 4240 - copacabana
tel: +55 21 2525-1232

we'll be staying here from wednesday, 6/26 - tuesday, 7/2.
when booking, expand the special rates section and enter preferential code EVESPE for 20% off.


we recommend staying in the neighborhoods of leblon and ipanema.

jw marriott

avenida atlântica, 2600 - copacabana
tel: +55 21-2545-6500

hilton copacabana

avenida atlântica, 1020 – copacabana
tel: +55 21 3501-8000

janeiro hotel

av. delfim moreira, 696 - leblon
tel: +55 21 2172-1001

small boutique feel with an amazing location right on the beach in leblon
use discount code FELICIA for 10% off bookings between 06.26.24 to 07.01.24

ritz leblon

avenida ataulfo de paiva, 1280 leblon
tel: +55 21 2540-4940

not on the beach, but amazing central location in leblon

copacabana palace

av atlântica, 1702 - copacabana
tel: +55 21 2548-7070

hotel fasano rio de janeiro

av. vieira souto, 80 – ipanema
tel: +55 21 3202-400

hotel emiliano

avenida atlântica, 3804 – copacabana
tel: +55 21 3503-6600

promenade palladium

r. gen. artigas, 200 - leblon
tel: +55 21 3171-7400

sheraton grand rio hotel & resort

av. niemeyer, 121 - leblon
tel: +55 21 2274-1122

while close to leblon, the sheraton is a little more isolated and not within walking distance to shops or restaurants. if staying here, you will need to take an uber to any of your destinations to explore the city.

praia do leblon

between posto 12 and 10 you'll find our favorite beach, leblon! the vibe is less touristy and more locals only.

pão de açúcar

for panoramic views of the city, a 3 minute cable car ride will take you up one of rio's iconic peaks, sugarloaf mountain.

daily from 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
last cable car boards at 6:30 pm

christ the redeemer on corcovado mountain

to see brazil's most recognizable landmark, take a train ride up corcovado mountain located in tijuca forest national park. french sculptor paul landowski designed the statue, and brazilian engineer heitor da silva costa oversaw its construction between 1922 - 1931.

monday - friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
saturday - sunday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
train departs every 20 minutes

museu do amanhã

the museum of tomorrow's architecture alone is a major highlight, but inside you'll find interactive exhibits that explore topics such as climate change, population growth, urbanization, and sustainable development.

monday: closed
tuesday - sunday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

parque lage

alicia's favorite site in rio! lush tropical gardens surround the former residence of industrialist henrique lage and his wife, italian opera singer gabriella besanzoni. it was turned into a public park in the 1960's. the mansion is now home to rio's school of visual arts. this was also the location for snoop dogg and pharrel's 2002 music video "beautiful".

jardim botânico do rio de janeiro

at the foot of corcovado mountain you'll find the rio de janeiro botanical garden. covering over 100 acres and founded in 1808 by dom joão vi, the prince-regent of portugal, it's considered one of the oldest botanical gardens in brazil.

escadaria selarón

touristy but incredible to see, this vibrant and colorful mosaic staircase was created by chilean artist jorge selarón. 215 steps are adorned with tiles that came from over 60 countries around the world.

bondinho de santa teresa

the santa teresa tram (bondinho) is a charming and historic mode of transportation dating back to 1896 that winds its way through the picturesque streets of this bohemian neighborhood. tickets can be purchased at the station.

real gabinete português de leitura

the royal portuguese reading room is a stunning cultural institution that houses an extensive collection of portuguese literature.

pedra do arpoador

across the street from the fairmont, this is a popular surfing spot and a scenic place to go to watch the sunset with views of ipanema and morro dois irmãos (two brothers mountain)

rua dias ferreira

located in leblon, this is our favorite street. lined with trendy bars, restaurants and boutiques it's perfect for a night out to go bar hopping. people spill onto the streets and the atmosphere here is bustling and energetic.

quartinho bar

r. arnaldo quintela, 124 - botafogo
tel: +55 21 2179-6447

le blond

av. ataulfo de paiva, 1321 – leblon
tel: +55 21 3322-1440


rua dias ferreira, 247 - leblon
tel: +55 21 2274-5590

filipe's dad loves this place! they only take walk-in's.


rua aprazivel, 62 – santa tereza
tel: +55 21 2507-1277

brazilian cuisine, worth the trip to santa teresa, nice gardens & views. you'll feel like you're eating in a treehouse.

sushi leblon

rua dias ferreira, 256 - leblon
tel: +55 21 2512-7830

ct boucherie

rua dias ferreira, 636 - leblon
tel: +55 21 2529-2329

spicy fish

r. maria quitéria, 99 - ipanema
tel: +55 21 3490-4335


av. ataulfo de paiva, 1166 – loja b – leblon
tel: +55 21 2274-5055

awesome little bar that is a classic in rio

talho capixaba

av. ataulfo de paiva, 1022 – leblon
tel: +55 21 2512-8760

great place to pop in for breakfast, pastries, sandwiches, or a quick lunch. they only take walk-in's.

oro restaurante

rua general san martin, 889 - leblon
tel: +55 21 3190-4091

boteco rainha

rua dias ferreira, 247 - leblon

young happy crowd great for lunch and dinner. they only take walk-in's.

malta beef club

there are 2 locations

av. general san martin, 359 – leblon

r. saturnino de brito, 84 - lagoa

tel: +55 21 2042-3101

if you're on a pilgrimage for really good meat, go here. they only take walk-in's.

giuseppe grill

av. bartolomeu mitre, 370 - leblon
tel: +55 21 99591-5277

gero rio

av. vieira souto, 80 - ipanema
tel: +55 21 3202-4030

located inside the fasano hotel

canastra rose

r. álvaro ramos, 154 - botafogo
tel: +55 21 99453-8133

eclectic three story cocktail bar with food and live music


r. joana angélica 159-ipanema

best to send a what's app message to book a table


rua aristides espinola 121 - leblon
tel: +55 21 3429 6623


r. visconde de carandaí, 5 - jardim botânico
tel: +55 21 3042-3097

best to send a what's app message to book a table


largo dos leões, 35 - humaitá
tel: +55 21 3449-1834


r. visc. de carandaí, 31 - jardim botânico
tel: +55 21 99435-8386

voted one of the top 50 restaurants in south america

nusa café

r. vinícius de moraes, 129 - loja b - ipanema
tel: +55 21 3228-3562

great for breakfast and brunch

bar do miniero

rua paschoal carlos magno, 99 - santa teresa
el: +55 21 2221-9227

iconic local bar in santa teresa known for its feijoada, pastéis, and cachaça


rua conde de irajá, 581 - botafogo
tel: +55 21 3486 5758

voted #37 on the 2024 list of world's 50 best restaurants
email or call to make a reservation

things to try

our A to Z list of brazilian foods, drinks,
and culture you’re likely to come across
during your travels



fruit known for its deep purple color and health benefits

biscoito globo

(bee-skoy-toh GLOH-boo)

popular snack for the beach made of tapioca starch, usually sold in two flavors: savory or sweet

bom dia

(bohm dee-ah)

good morning in portuguese

bossa nova

(BOH-sa NOH-vah)

known for its smooth melodies and laid-back rhythms, this is a genre of brazilian music that emerged in the 1950s that blends together samba and jazz



laid-back brazilian bar where people meet up after the beach or for late-night drinks and appetizers, our favorite is jobi



popular dessert made with condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles, but you can also find lots of other flavors, we'll have plenty to try at the wedding



a distilled alcohol made directly from freshly pressed sugarcane juice, commonly used in cocktails like caipirinha



national cocktail of brazil, traditionally made with cachaça, sugar, ice and your choice of muddled fruit like lime, kiwi, strawberry, maracuja, passion fruit, pineapple or whatever you so may wish, we'll serve these at the wedding



the vodka version of a caipirinha, we'll serve these at the wedding



used to refer to someone or something culturally related to the city of rio de janeiro



draft beer served extremely cold in small glasses. most restaurants and bars will have a house beer like brahma available as the chopp



a brazilian style restaurant where various cuts of meat are grilled and served directly to diners at their tables



deep-fried dough snack, consisting of a shredded chicken filling, typically you can find these at a boteco

eu gostaria…

(eh-oo goh-stah-ree-ah)

i would like... in portuguese



typical side dish of toasted cassava flour usually made with onions, pork, herbs, or eggs



traditional Brazilian stew made with black beans and various cuts of pork or beef



a typical soft drink made from the guaraná fruit from the amazon rainforest known for its caffeine content and fruity taste



famous brand of rubber flip-flop sandals founded in 1962

mandioca frita

(MAHN-joh-kah FREE-tah)

deep-fried cassava or yuca, served crispy on the outside and soft on the inside



thank you for female speakers in portuguese



thank you for male speakers in portuguese

oi, tudo bem?

(oy, too-doo behng)

hi, how are you? in portuguese



deep-fried pastry, typically filled with cheese, shrimp, meat, or vegetables, super similar to an empanada

pão de queijo

(pohwn gee KAY-zhoo)

gluten-free cheese bread made from tapioca flour, eggs, and cheese



popular cut of beef, known for its tender texture and rich flavor, often prepared on a grill or barbecue

por favor

(pohr fah-VOHR)

please in portuguese

queijo coalho

(KAY-zhoo koh-AL-yew)

cow's milk cheese, skewered and grilled for a crispy outer layer, while keeping a soft, slightly salty inside. often savored on the beach or during a bbq

que legal

(kay lay-gow)

cool in portuguese



a lively and rhythmic music and dance genre with african and brazilian influences, often associated with vibrant celebrations like carnaval



a thin and flexible crepe made from tapioca flour, usually filled with a variety of sweet or savory ingredients like eggs, cheese, and butter. filipe loves these for breakfast